Hi, I'm Eve, and I started Wildwatcher Collection’s back in early 2013, but after a few year's I had to put my small business on hold for a while due to work and other commitments.

In early 2020, and throughout the year I started having a bit more time to start creating design idea's, back to drawing with ink again  and overall I felt a little bit of sparkle back!

Based in the Scottish Highlands, working as a graphic designer/illustrator and with a love for all things wild, my design skills has given me the opportunity to mix them into Wildwatcher Collections.

As you will see, my work is heavily inspired by wildlife and nature, from many hours photographing the wonderful wildlife we have here in the Highlands and literally on my doorstep in the garden and local forests with species such as Pine Marten, Red Kites, Bottlenose Dolphins, Red Squirrels, Crested Tit and many more. This has given me a lot of inspiration towards my designs.

I love creating unique items for others that have as much passion as I do for wildlife and the natural world, and as well as wanting to buy better quality clothing that lasts and is produced in ways that does not harm people, our wonderful wildlife/animals on earth or the environment.

...and finally, items that hopefully turn into longtime favourites